$179 $329
Amazon with Sam Ash has the Quilter Labs 101 Mini Head 100W Two-Channel Guitar Amplifier for $179 with free shipping. Musician's Friend has it for the same price.

Features 5-effects (Full Q, Tweed, Jazz, Surf and Lead), 1/4 Effects loop (send and return), headphone jack and up to 16 ohms of impedance.
$179 retail: $329
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Posted 12:10pm PST 11/15/2019
Posted 12:10pm PST 11/15/2019
Good reviews on Amazon , if I was in need of another one I would give it a go.
Ben's cred: 86
Posted 1:05pm PST 11/15/2019
Posted 1:05pm PST 11/15/2019
@Limelad, yeah, haven't decided if I am going to pull the trigger. I have had my eye on this or something like it for a while now.
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Posted 9:38am PST 11/27/2019
Posted 9:38am PST 11/27/2019
Is anyone seeing this price on Amazon or Musician's Friend? I'm not. I think this was expired very quickly, but please let me know if I'm missing something.